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About Bull's Ranch

Welcome to Bull's Ranch

Bull's Ranch will be moving to Richland county by the end of JUNE 2017!

80 acres in the driftless region of south western Wisconsin! 

We will be moving our cattle along with all of our animals.

To help with our transition, we will be offer a couple of our beef animals available by the whole or half, for a short time.

$3.75 per pound hanging weight, plus processing fees paid directly to Straka's in Plain Wisconsin.

If you are interested, please let us know right away!

We are a husband and wife run farm in the rural community of
Watertown. Our farm is half way between Milwaukee and Madison, conveniently located about 12 minutes north of Interstate 94.  On our small farm  we raise our predominantly Galloway and Galloway/Angus cross beef cattle on, along with several horses, free range chickens.

 We  raise our animals humanely, in healthy living conditions; on open pastures and never in feed lots.  Stress free living conditions benefit our cattle.  Our calves stay with their mothers till about 10 months, with only the males being separated at this time. This keeps our momma cows from being stressed out with forced separation of their calves; and keeps our babies much happier too! 


We purchased our first Galloway cattle in 2007, and are establishing a closed herd of quality cattle.  We keep a small herd that is manageable for us to tend to daily.


We  use no chemicals on our farm - Ever.  We raise our animals slowly, and as natural and stress-free as possible, following organic farming practices. 100% Grass fed cattle take twice as long as feedlot (CAFO) animals to get to market weight.  Grains are not a natural feed for bovines and create digestive distress in cattle among other health problems. We do NOT use any processed feed products either.  No DDG (dried distillers grain the by-products of ethanol plants), no soybean hulls, no silage. There is lots of confusion on grass fed labeling. There are very few farmers who raise 100% grass fed and grass finished cattle. Our cattle are raised on our natural grass pastures and our own home grown grass/alfalfa/cloverhay.  Conventional "industrial grocery store" ground beef (corn fed) is highly susceptible to bacteria, especially "super resistant" strains, but grass fed (and grass finished) is not. Grass fed & grass finished beef has many superior health benefits versus grain fed beef. My beef also has no growth hormones or antibiotics that interfere with many health issues facing so many today such as cancer patients, chronic diseases and children being exposed to artificial hormones in their foods. 

Be sure the beef you are eating is really what you think it is! There are so many phrases to describe your food, it can be confusing.  You can't ask the grocery store how that package of beef was raised, what it was fed; but you can ask me...and I can tell you exactly what all my cattle have been given!

Galloway cattle are a heritage breed of cattle from Scotland, who's genetics are perfect for the grass farmer of today.  They are known for their excellent flavor, superior to usual beef cattle breeds!


We grown our own hay that we feed to our cattle also, knowing that we have not used any pesticides or chemicals on our fields.

 Our beef meat animals receive absolutely no growth hormones, no antiobiotics; and no innoculations. We use Redmond salt, organic kelp, organic minerals, raw apple cider vinegar, and a homemade fly spray with essential oils for fly control.  We keep our cattle as chemical free as possible; as well as ourselves.   I practice homeopathic treatment if necessary, utilizing the wisdom of organic vets, Dr. Paul Dettloff and Dr. Chris Day.

In 2016 we had 14 calves born on the farm here in Watertown, all are healthy and growing well at their mommas side, where they will stay until spring of 2017. 

Farm life can be busy 24/7, but I strive to reply back to all requests the same day. 


Please call us to try our wonderful and healthful Galloway grass fed beef!

This is how real beef tastes!


Greg and Jeannie Bull

Bull's Ranch, LLC

You are what you eat, so let your food be your medicine lest your medicine be your food!







Producing 100 percent real Grass fed beef from our heritage Galloway cattle. Completely raised on grassy organic pastures and our own hay, with no finishing on corn or grains or silage. They spend their whole life grazing, always free to ramble about their pastures....never confined to a feed lot to "fatten up" for finishing off.

Prices on our Galloway grass fed beef for 2017:


          25 pound variety box  of beef $199.00

                includes chuck and rump roasts; ribeye, strip,  

and sirloin steaks; ground beef in one pound pkgs 

(cuts may vary slightly)


          Extra Lean ground beef by the pound $6.00

                   any amount, no minimum                    

Tenderloin medalions $22.00/pound

(amazing steak au poivre!)

Meaty soup bones $3.00/pound

Bare Bones available

(make super nutritious broth)

Flank steaks $12.00/pound

Sirloin steak $12.00/pound sold out

Chuck roasts $8.00/pound

New York Strip Steaks $14.00/pound

Ribeye Steaks $18.00/pound sold out

New! All beef summer sausage

MSG free! $10/pound

  • Just picked up newest beef on the 8th of May, stop out to pick up a box or some ground beef while the supply is still good! High demand currently!

Occasional miscellaneous cuts, great for homemade pet food, limited availability, call ahead to check supply

My ground beef is extra lean and awesome flavored, nothing like the bland beef in the grocery store!  I can give you wonderful tips to make the BEST burgers out there! 

Chilly spring days are perfect for putting a chuck arm roast in the slow cooker or making a pot of spicy chili with a round steak!

My ground beef makes awesome homemade nachos.


All of our grass fed beef is dry aged for  two weeks, custom cut to order,quickly flash frozen. Call now to pick up a 25 pound box or a couple of pounds of our excellent lean ground beef.


 We are pleased to be offering our meat processing done through Straka Meats in Plain, Wisconsin; a small family run business, with the AWA seal (Animal Welfare Approval).  Our beef is always double wrapped, clear wrapped with butcher paper over to assure it's wholesomeness.

 It's a bit of a drive, but worth the extra effort to assure  humane handling of our cattle.


Be sure to ask me about cooking tips!  It does take some time and close attention to insure your Galloway beef turns out amazing! I can give you recipes too! My burgers are outstanding and my steaks are wonderful with proper grass fed cooking attention!