Bull's Ranch​

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About Us

Welcome to Bull's Ranch, established in 2007.

Jeannie and Greg Bull began raising cattle over ten years ago, looking for a better way to raise beef for ourselves and our families.

We were unhappy with buying beef from the grocery store with no idea of how that animal was raised or what it was fed. Like most efforts, we figured we could do better ourselves; so that began the start of Bull's Ranch.

After lots of research, we bought 6 young Galloway/Angus heifers. We added our pure blood Galloway bull and two pure blood Galloway cows not long after that, and we have been growing from there.

Today we still have those original cows and some of their daughters plus a red Angus cow and her Hereford cross daughter in our small herd of 100% grass fed cattle. Galloway cattle are an ancient breed of cattle that originated in the hills of Scotland, very similar to our Galloway cattle of today. They are a natural breed for grass fed farmers today, superior to usual beef breeds.

We moved this summer from our farm in Watertown Wisconsin to the remote rolling hills of Richland county in Wisconsin's unique driftless area. Here we have more ridge top fields to expand our grazing pastures on for our cattle. We have owned this farm for over six years, and have never used any chemicals on our land, adhering to organic practices.

Grains are not a natural feed for cattle, and can create digestive upsets in cattle's rumens. Most grains now days are GMO originated, and traditional crop farming is hugely dependent on multiple toxic chemicals. We choose to avoid that path for raising our cattle and the beef we consume. So many chemicals are in our foods today, and so many diseases are affecting us (cancers, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, heart disease, diabetes, autism, and on) we are trying to eliminate what we can control ourselves.

I believe less is better, cleaner, safer.

Grass fed cattle take twice as long as feed lot cattle before butchering. This is how cattle were raised years ago, slowly and naturally; years not months. The flavor of real grass fed beef is noticeable from the first bite - this is how beef should taste!

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Producing 100 percent real Grass fed beef from our heritage Galloway cattle. Completely raised on grassy organic pastures and our own hay, with no finishing on corn or grains or silage. They spend their whole life grazing, always free to ramble about their pastures....never confined to a feed lot to "fatten up" for finishing off.

Stop in to pick up my fabulous beef at the Saturday Baraboo farmer's market - on the historic square until the end of October. from 7:30am-1:00pm! Call me ahead of time to bring a box or a special order. 

​Done for the season....but I can always arrange a delivery, just ask me!

Prices on our Galloway grass fed beef for 2017:

Please ask about future halves later this year - none available at this time.


          25 pound variety box  of beef $199.00

                includes chuck and rump roasts; ribeye, strip,  

and sirloin steaks; 10 pounds of ground beef in one pound chubs  

(cuts may vary slightly)


          Extra Lean ground beef by the pound $6.00

                   any amount, no minimum                    

Tenderloin medalions $22.00/pound

(amazing steak au poivre!)

Meaty soup bones $3.00/pound

Bare Bones also available

(make super nutritious broth)

Flank steaks $12.00/pound

Sirloin steak $12.00/pound

Chuck roasts $8.00/pound

New York Strip Steaks $14.00/pound

Ribeye Steaks $18.00/pound

New! "Only our beef" summer sausage

MSG free! $12/stick (approx. 1 1/4 pound)

​(no added pork!)

We always strive to keep a good amount of beef on hand for pick up at the farm.

Summer grilling special: $95

2 Tenderloins, 2 Ribeyes, 4 NY strips, 2# ground

Early autumn savory slow cook special $79

2 chuck roasts and 2 rump roasts

Limited supply, so pick up these specials now, while available!

Occasional miscellaneous cuts, great for homemade pet food, limited availability, call ahead to check supply

My ground beef is extra lean and awesome flavored, nothing like the bland beef in the grocery store!  I can give you wonderful tips to make the BEST burgers out there! 


All of our grass fed beef is dry aged for  two weeks, custom cut to order,quickly flash frozen. Call now to pick up a 25 pound box or a couple of pounds of our excellent lean ground beef.


 We are pleased to be offering our meat processing done through Straka Meats in Plain, Wisconsin; a small family run business, with the AWA seal (Animal Welfare Approval).  Our beef is always double wrapped, clear wrapped with butcher paper over to assure it's wholesomeness.

 It's worth the extra effort to assure  humane handling of our cattle.


Be sure to ask me about cooking tips!  It does take some time and close attention to insure your Galloway beef turns out amazing! I can give you recipes too! My burgers are outstanding and my steaks are fabulous with proper grass fed cooking attention!